Russian Farmer Starts successful Cryptocurrency Kolion

With all the new ICOs coming and going, people are often oversold on hype and then are let down and lose most of their money when the hype turns out to be fake. One place where this is not the case is a little known Russian Cryptocurrency called the “kolion”(CNN story Here). Started by a Russian Farmer in 2017, this coin has over 500 Bitcoins worth of backing and get this — is actually used as the primary currency in its local area to pay for goods and services. Adoption is so great in the area around Kolionovo, a town in Russia, that actual Russian money is becoming rare. This is something that no other Cryptocurrency can claim.
This should be the model for future cryptocurrencies, an actual use instead of just pure hype. In the future coins should get a user-base that has activity using the coin for goods and services and build up from there instead of promising the sky and then not being able to ever deliver on those promises. This farmer is the real deal, he has invented an actual useful Crypto that has spread quickly in the region and is on its way to overtaking the Ruble as the local currency. If Bitcoin or Litecoin want to succeed in the future, it needs to follow this guy’s example and nurture a community that actually uses its coins to buy stuff that people want, not just be a speculative tool.
Putin is also pro-crypto and says that people who are not riding the technology wave with be left behind so I think although he will introduce regulations for crypto, its mostly lip service to the global community as Putin’s real goal is to make Russia a leader in the cryptocurrency revolution. This is an awesome story and this is a cryptocurrency that other cryptocurrencies should aspire to be.

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