Why Decentralized Exchanges(DEX) will be a game changer

Decentralized Exchanges(DEX), I think, are going to be a game changer in the second half of this year and going into the future. I do not think they will be a game changer because they will take all the volume away from the centralized exchanges like Binance, but I think they will be a game changer because these DEX’s will use their own crypto as a base currency to pair with all other currencies on the exchange. This will have the effect of taking away Bitcoin’s dominance in the market if any of the DEX’s take off. Most people buy Bitcoin as a gateway to buy other coins but if there is no need for that step than the volume of Bitcoin would drop and other coins would be able to challenge its dominance. Ripple’s CEO recently said that the market would stop following Bitcoin soon because people will stop making irrational choices but that is not the reason at all. The market will stop following Bitcoin because as time progresses, other currencies will challenge Bitcoin to be the trade-in Crypto into the entire market. I think Binance Coin(BnB) will be a good candidate to challenge BTC because Binance is planning to open a DEX and that could be huge if BnB is used as the base transaction currency. Ripple also has a good chance because since it is a bankster’s coin, banks may be more willing to pair it with USD. Whatever the case, I think the coming year holds a lot of excitement for a lot of these coins that are planning to open up DEX’s but may be shaky waters ahead for BTC.

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