Stipend Coin(SPD), is it a good coin?

Stipend is a Proof of Stake coin that offers great MasterNode rewards but not so great regular staking rewards. It also has an interesting roadmap with a lot of long-term potential, but nothing set in stone yet. It aims to become a freelancer’s coin that people will use as a payment to hire freelance workers(artists, programmers, etc). The platform that they are building will allow anyone to post a job offer, allow for people to apply for an offer, and have a unique user rating scheme. In short, it sounds like a blockchain powered version of Upwork or Elance. It will also act as a platform for the duration of the job allowing tasks to be added during the project timeline.
It also will allows teams to easily distribute the rewards for completed tasks using any coin that they want and will be verified by a built in verification process. This is a service that I can see being really in demand in the future for blockchain usage and I beleive the market is pretty big for such a service.
The coin itself has a high ROI on Masternodes. The regular staking rewards based on people in Chat aren’t as good as some of the other coins but a Masternode currently is only around $8,000, so it is much cheaper than many other MasterNodes. If you are really interested in staking rewards, then you will want enough money to outright buy a Masternode as the per month return on a MasterNode is over $4,000. Most of SPD’s major announcements will be coming in Q3 and Q4 of 2018 and Q1/Q2 of 2019 so if you want to get in, now is a great time as the price is still low today.

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