APR Coin is it a good buy?

APR coin is a coin that was released recently that is mainly used for staking and getting staking rewards. They recently bought a large Billboard in Hollywood to promote their coin and in my talks with them in the discord channel, they’ve told me that they have some connection in the LA area for the adoption of this coin. The total supply is very low at only 25,000,000 coins and the pre-mine is 1.5 million or around 7%. The price right now is about $3.30 per coin which is fair for a new coin that has only 25 million total supply.
Right now the staking rewards are over 100% per month and while that may sound scary, they’ve capped this coin at around 25 million coins and are working hard on APR loyalty program and also B2B uses for this coin as stated on their roadmap.
Since there is no adoption yet for this coin, I can’t say its a great long-term buy but I can say it is a good short term buy for the staking rewards alone. What I would do is to buy some coins and then in the first month, sell the coins that you got staking to get your original investment back before keeping more staking coins so that way you don’t run the risk of losing anything. I think in the next few months at least, this coin is a winner in terms of proof of stake rewards.

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