Zilliqa, is it a good coin?

Zilliqa(ZIL) is a coin run on a new technology that touts thousands of transactions per second. They have been in Research and Development for two years and launched their Testnet in March of this year. Their Main Net will launch in Q3 of this year followed closely their Anchor DAPP release in Q4 of this year.
There have also been lots of scammers trying to trick people into buying this coin at shady websites so don’t click on people’s hyperlinks to buy this coin on Youtube or social media. This coin is on Binance, Huobi, Upbit, and many more exchanges so if you want to get in on this coin, you should buy through one of these established exchanges.
If you wish to buy in, you should do so around late Q2 of this year at the latest because I think their Main Net release and their Anchor DAPP release will cause a rise in price and that would be a good opportunity for some profits. Further growth will depend on the adoption of their coin by businesses. Since their technology suits auction houses and payment systems well, an announcement by Ebay or Paypal that they are adoption a platform like this would make prices skyrocket. Even a much smaller payment system or auction system would be great for the price.
Overall, I think it isn’t a bad buy and will be one of the coins I will be looking when this summer draws to a close and we get into fall.

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