Theta Token(THETA), is it a good token?

Theta Token is a token for data transfer for streaming video and content. They completed their token sale in January and Integrated with the platform in March. They are planning their own blockchain launch in Q4 of this year with a planned launch of on-demand streaming video by Q3 of 2019. I’ve seen a few other coins trying to do this but none of them have integrated already with a streaming platform. has also launched a trivia game on twitch for their users that will use Theta token.
If you want to get into this opportunity, Q3 or later this summer would be a great time to get in because of the upcoming network launch in Q4. Q2 of 2019 would also be another great time as that is just before the launch of their on-demand streaming video. I do think this token has a lot of potential and could be a good future investment opportunity.

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