Sia Coin(SC), is it a good coin?

Sia Coin(SC) has a very interesting company behind it that aims to be the new wave in cloud storage and cloud computing. It will leverage underutilized hard drive space around the world and sell it to people who want storage space. They claim to be able to cut costs by as much as 90% in comparison with Amazon S3. Their technology and product is slated to be ready for production this year and hopefully we will see the first clients adopting their hard drive storage systems for real-world use. The price for storage will be set by hosts and all transactions will be performed with Siacoin(SC). This is a make or break year for this coin. If the production run goes well and they get clients to sign up, the coin can easily skyrocket, but if there are problems in the product then it could tank as well. However, I do believe there is a lot of potential in the concept, especially if they can cut costs by 90%. I could see this eventually cutting costs of decentralized content distribution networks(CDN), which would open up an enormous market. This is a company and coin to watch. If they get some good clients, then I would buy some Sia coins because I think it is a sign that there are bright times ahead for this company.

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