ICON(ICX), is it a good investment

ICON(ICX) is a Korean Cryptocurrency that is trying to “hyperconnect the world” via their loopchain network. Their whitepaper is pretty impressive as it shows many actual use cases for their network and technology but I could not find a detailed roadmap on their site with solid dates for adoption by certain industries. However, April 2017 seemed to be a big month for them as many of their pilot projects received grants from Korean ministries signaling that they do have some Government support in Korea which will help the coin’s development in the future. ICON is referred by some as “Korean Ethereum” and they already have support in Korean financial markets, healthcare industry, and University Education system for adoption. This is pretty impressive and puts them head and shoulders above the other competition in Korea. I think it has a chance to become the De Facto blockchain network for buils DAPPS on and the price could blossom to several times its currency values. It is not a bad coin to pick up.

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