OriginTrail(TRAC), is it a good coin?

OriginTrail(TRAC) is a cryptocurrency that is priced at about 19.5 cents right now and centered around supply chain management. For the price and the max supply(500,000,000) and its point in development, I feel like it is undervalued. They have 20,000 shoppers and many suppliers(farmers) on their test network. They also have run several pilot projects with different companies in different industries successfully on their Alpha network which is far ahead of where most small coins are at.
One date that potential investors should look at is June 29th, which is their Beta Testnet Launch and if you believe in this project, you will want to buy in by that date or the price of this token could get much higher. Their main net will launch in Q3 this year and there will already be several companies on their network when it does. I think if they end up being the token that brings supply chain management to blockchain, they can be really huge and worth billions of dollars.

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