Babb(BAX) coin is it good?

Babb coin(BAX) is a coin with the idea of serving the microeconomy and be able to give people online UK bank accounts to serve businesses and the “unbanked”. This is a huge market and they are unique in that they are already an FCA Authorized Payment system and they are working to get a banking license. These are things that not a lot of coins have or are planning on doing so it does give them a leg up on the competition. The bank account will be managed by an app that is going to be released later next year. They are also going to be working with central banks to integrate payment systems and to issue tokens. This is all very exciting but for right now on the roadmap, they don’t have any defined dates for partnerships and integrations which is what I want to see. All I know right now to center my trading around is the APP launch which will happen late this year. However, since they are FCA authorized and are applying for a banking license, it is something to keep an eye on and if they get the license, it could mean huge things in the future for Babb coin. I think its a decent investment opportunity but you need to keep up with news if you do invest because they success of the APP launch and getting the License are huge landmarks in the project.

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