TRON(TRX) vs Nucleus Vision(Ncash), which one is the better buy?

I’ve often talked about TRON(TRX) and Nucleus Vision(Ncash) on my channel and many people are interested in these two coins and are wondering that if they only had the money to buy one, which one should it be.
Which one you should buy depends on your time-frame of buying and when you want to cash out. I think in the long run because the supply of Ncash is 10x lower than Tron’s, each individual coin may be worth more but in the short term, Tron(TRX) is probably the better buy.
Tron’s main net release is slated for the 31st of May which means the 2 or 3 weeks run-up to the event is going to see large price increases in my opinion so if you want to get into Tron, you should think about getting in very soon. I think the best strategy for Tron is to buy right now, sell half right before the Main Net Launch and keep half to see what happens after the Main Net Launch. That way, you will at least lock in some profits if the launch doesn’t go as well as planned and you leave yourself room for profits if it does go well and continues to go up. Around the end of Q2 of 2018 and as we get into Q3, I would switch some of my money into Nucleus Vision because they have some exciting events coming up in the 2nd half of this year. They will be launching in more stores and their planned launch across India is coming towards the end of 2018 and we will probably see large price increases around that time. So in my opion, Buy tron now, hold until at least end of may and then buy Ncash is probably the optimal move.

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