Why I don’t think the Indian bank ban on Crypto is working

India’s banks have basically banned crypto since February of this year but I’m not sure how effective the ban is. People who really want to make money off of Crypto have just gone to people who already have crypto instead of going through the banks. I also see a lot of Indian activity on the smaller exchanges I use and on this very website, many of the visitors are Indian. You have to search pretty far down the search engine rankings to find this site and the only reason you’d find this site is if you are a pretty hardcore altcoin trader because I don’t really talk about the major coins that much. Today out of 122 views to this site, 69 of them were from India. That just clearly shows the demand that India has for cryptocurrencies and that regulations have not dampened enthusiasm for the asset. Eventually I think Indian Authorities will have to loosen up because I don’t think their national Cryptocurrency is really going to be a big hit and they’ll start loosing out to countries who are more friendly towards crypto. Eventually all the hard line countries will have to live with the fact that Crypto is here to stay.

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