Verge Announces Pornhub partnership

Verge(XVG) finally unveiled the mystery today and announced that Pornhub was the secret partner that everyone was wondering about. To many people’s dismay, it wasn’t something earth-shattering like Amazon or Ebay, but ended up being Pornhub, and thus, prices of Verge began to fall.
However, I think people are taking a wrong approach at this because industries like Porn or Pot are the most likely industries to adopt a Crypto as a payment system. These are the things that people most want to hide that they are buying so it makes perfect sense that these industries would be the most willing to integrate Crypto.
To my knowledge Verge had to pay Pornhub about $6 million for this partnership. While that may sound like a lot of money, if the contract is for more than one or two years, I think its well worth it. I think this will have an uptick on Verge’s volume, but not just exchange volume, volume from transactions for products that people actually want, which is rare in Crypto these days. For that reason, I am happy for this partnership.

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