Litecoin(LTC) Hardfork and Odyssey(OCN) token release

Litecoin(LTC) is having another Hard Fork, this time called Litecoin Private on the 21st of April. Last time Litecoin Cash forked, there was a 10:1 airdrop which made the price go up nearly 50% so if you are interested in this hardfork, it may be wise to load up now on some litecoins. I’m not a huge fan of LTC hard forks because I don’t really think there is anything wrong with LTC in the first place so the hard fork doesn’t really fix anything and seems like more of a cash grab in my opinion. However, I’m not against picking up free coins, so it could be interesting.
Odyssey(OCN) is releasing 2 billion coins from their ICO on the 22nd of April as well so this may effect the price. If there are not enough investors to buy the 2 billion coins, the price will drop but if there are more than enough investors, the price will increase. I think its a pretty solid buy because they did the O-bike integration on the 5th of April and now there are real-world use cases for the coin but it could go either way so know you are taking a risk.

That is the coin news wrap-up for this segment.

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