Why I bought Verge, even though the price is high

I just bought a bit of Verge(XVG), even though the price of Verge has doubled in the past week or so. I usually would never buy a coin at such a price but I made an exception for Verge because of the hype surrounding the upcoming announcement on the 17th of April. 2018. We are about a week away and I do think Verge will see some really good growth up to the moment of the announcement and I plan to sell a day or two before the announcement comes out and invest in other coins. I also chose now because Verge is down about 15% from its 24 hour high so I think its a pretty good time to get in on the game. Also, for each step that Verge has risen, it also has a pretty good range so you can almost always buy in at a slightly lower price if you sold out earlier. I think this coin is an excellent coin to rack up some profits in the next week.
However, it is not without its risks because it has already doubled over the last week so it is at a high price right now and buying now does pose the risk of this coin going back to the original price.

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