Tron, Verge, ECC, EOS, CAPP, 5 coins to watch

In the coming two months, there are five coins that I am keeping a close eye on because they have massive potential or because they have announcements coming out that could bring the price up.

Tron(TRX) — Main net Launch 31st of May. Test net launch bumped up prices by quite a bit and main net launch will bump up prices by even more most likely. Get in early May if possible.

Verge — If you want to take the risk of buying high, get in now. Verge has a big announcement coming on the 17th. Its supposed to partnering with a billion dollar company. No one knows which company it is though. If it comes through, it may mean a big increase in price. If it continues to go up this week, I’d sell half before the 17th and hang onto the other half to see what happens.

EOS — Network launch in June. This network aims to compete with the Ethereum Network and has certain advantages over the Ethereum Network. If people adopt it, I see it having parity with Ethereum in terms of market cap. That would make each coin close to $50 as of now.

CAPP — Way undervalued coin for the development stage the company and product is on. Total supply of only 520 million and a product that actually works and is being used to generate sales. Excellent market for the future. This coin just needs to get on bigger exchanges. If you hear any news of this getting on Binance, Bitterex, Kraken, or other Tier 1 or Tier 2 exchange, you should buy.

ECC — Also extremely undervalued IMO. Solid technological foundation. Large announcement of Sapphire release made price jump. The actual release on April 20th may see price jump again. I am waiting myself until the 16th or 17th to jump in the game, I think it has one of the highest potentials of any Micro Cryptocurrency. Like CAPP, once it gets on a higher tier exchange, expect the value to jump.

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