Dogecoin, DogeX coin, price rise?

Recently Dogecoin has risen 20% for seemingly no reason at all. There have been no big announcements for Dogecoin for quite a while. However, recently there was a hard fork of Dogecoin called DogeX or Dogethereum. It is a hard fork of Dogecoin and was made on the Ethereum blockchain and says that its faster than Dogecoin. That’s not a huge selling point for me because I’ve never had an issue with Dogecoin’s speed..
I think the name is causing some confusion especially because DogeX is doing a lot of airdrops and people may think that if they have Dogecoin, they will get free DogeX. That, however, is not the case. Since, DOgeX is on the Ethereum blockchain, you must trade or own ETH to get it. They are doing a manual way to buy DogeX with Doge right now so you can use Doge to buy DogeX.
However, the Dogecoin developers have distanced themselves from this coin and have said they have nothing to do with it and do not endorse it so the relationship between Dogecoin and DogeX is like the relationship between Litecoin and Litecoin cash(which, in my opinion, is still trash) so buyers beware!

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