Fake Telegram ICO sites, don’t give them anything!

This video is more of a public service video telling people to not falling for the fake telegram ICOs that have many URLs attached to them. They make themselves look legit by having a countdown and several options to buy using several different coins but all they want from you is either your private key or for you to send them some coins in exchange for telegram coins(which they don’t have). The sites are fake and if you send them your coins, you will never see those coins again and get nothing in return.
Telegram’s ICO and pre-ICO sales are very exclusive events for accredited investors only and is not available to the public so any sites claiming to mass sell telegram tokens is basically a fake scam site trying to rob you of coins. There are tons of people schilling this crap on youtube, usually with Russian accounts and even though i’ve banned all youtube comments with hyperlinks on my channel, a few of them get through so don’t fall for them.

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