Don’t fall for Pump and Dumps groups and temptations

Pump and Dump groups try to market themselves as groups that can get you 300% or more within a very short amount of time. It can very tempting to join them for the fast profits they can provide. However, you should never listen to their signals for fast profits because you are much more likely to lose money than to make money if you listen to their signals.
The way they work is, they target a certain coin, usually in the single digit Satoshi range, with no buy or sell walls for a very long time and then right before they give the signal to their public group, they have their whales buy the coin up to 3-4 times its value and then after that they start selling right away as the rest of the group starts buying. This is true for 90% of the whale pump and dumps for any group so don’t fall for them. After everyone else starts buying, the whales then prevent the price from going up any higher by slowly dumping all the coins that they just bought so they get to cash out at the higher price while everyone else loses. These pump and dumps are characterized by a large green bar of volume followed immediately by a large red bar which signals the sell-off by the whales to everyone else they’ve managed to sucker in to the scam. There are ways to play this to make profit but they are very complicated and very unpredictable and you are far more likely to lose money than to make it.

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