Verge Partnership Announcement 17th of April

Verge(XVG) is going to announce a big partnership agreement on the 17th of April, 2018. It was originally supposed to be on the 16th, but has now been pushed back to the 17th. We do not know who this big partner is but it is supposed to be a multi-billion dollar company. Some people have speculated it could be Amazon but I doubt it. For Amazon, it would make more sense to partner with a coin like Litecoin instead of Verge. Some people say a major online service provider such as Godaddy or maybe a hosting company, which could be entirely possible. I could see verge getting into the digital services market and providing lots of value there. The price of verge has nearly doubled in the last day and is slightly down off its high. I would not feel comfortable buying in at current prices but if the price dropped down to 6 cents or so, I would consider buying in before the 17th. Keep an eye out for Verge, there could be some really big movements in store for this crypto in the 2 weeks ahead.

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