Bitcoin Rally, Bear market over?

Bitcoin and Altcoins have been tanking for the last three months or so but is the bear market over and is Bitcoin soon due for a rebound?
Yes, I do believe it is, but not quite yet. April 17th, 2018 is tax day in the United States and I do believe plenty of people owe money on their Cryptocurrency for last year’s gains(I got in mid-December last year so I have losses) and so will have to liquidate their Crypto holdings in order to pay taxes on last year’s gains so I do not expect any kind of major really until late April or Early may. After tax season is over I do expect a rally from May 2018 to July 2018, which is when new G20 regulations may come into effect for cryptocurrency. What happens then is anyone’s guess but I will probably be selling some of my holdings come that time in anticipation of what is going to happen when the regulations do come out. Even as banks and financial institutions continually try to keep bitcoin and cryptocurrencies down, the tech sector is strongly behind it and even in the financial sector, companies like Goldman Sachs are getting themselves in. Also places like starbucks and online outlets are becoming more friendly towards accepting Cryptocurrency payments so there is a slow creeping acceptance of Cryptocurrencies in society. Also millenials and generation X’ers despite the massive drop in the last few months have stayed interested in Bitcoin and I think from these two demographics, we will continue to see more adoption and interest in the field.
So overall, I think the market will not rally until late April and we will see prices slowly rise come May or June.

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