HTML Coin – A clear case of price manipulation and need for regulation

I have been trading a small amount of HTML coin for a while now and it, of all the coins I have traded, is a clear case of price manipulation by a large whale. Its not a quick pump and dump but someone with over 2 billion HTML coins is situating huge buy and sell walls to control the price very successfully because for a coin that only has around 12-13 BTC’s of daily volume, a 60btc buy or sell wall is extremely hard to get through. I am not sure what his price manipulating strategy is but it is obvious he is controlling the price. Last night a 60btc sell wall suddenly moved from 6 Satoshi to 7 Satoshi in less than a minute and the Doge/Ethereum market moved in sync at the exact same time. The entire volume of the day was only 15 BTC so there is no way it was naturally bought through. The whale clearly just moved his wall up one Satoshi. I’m pretty sure it is one person because that kind of coordination and timing cannot be achieved by more than 2 to 3 people.
This is why I favor more regulation in Cryptos, especially in smaller alt coins so whales can’t control prices and screw everyone over. Markets should be allowed to go up or go down naturally without whales forming enormous buy or sell walls that people cannot possibly break.

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