Coinpot debuts is own token – More free coins for everyone!

Coinpot has debuted its very own token which you can mine or get just by collecting their faucets. Even if you don’t have any referrals, you get 3 coinpot tokens per faucet claim you make. There are 7 faucets on coinpot that can be collected every 5 minutes, making a grand total of 6048 coinpot tokens a day. If you convert that into DOGE, its about 186 DOGE at the current rate and it may go up in the future. You can also use these tokens to buy coinpot lottery tickets but I’m just gonna hold on to mine because if they hit an exchange, they will probably go way up in value in the future. Since coinpot provides automatic conversions, these coins have pretty good liquidity and can be easily exchanged with other coins. All coinpot faucet links are on the right sidebar on this site.

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