EOS tokens – is it a good investment?

EOS, we don’t really know what it stands for yet, yet the token is in the top ten tokens and is a promising technology and application platform for the future. It competes with Ethereum and has some advantages over the Ethereum network, but its tokens are issued on the Ethereum network and needs Ethereum to function. It is at $6 per token right now with a circulating supply of 755 million tokens(march 27, 2018). Its testnet has just been launched and the main network will be launched probably later in the year.
Whereas Ethereum is a very general application platform with no intrinsic parts of the protocol, EOS is much more application-specific with interfaces, self-describing database schemes, and a web toolkit. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. EOS is proof of stake whereas Ethereum is proof of work(mining)and EOS also has a much higher threshold of transactions per second although this problem for Ethereum may soon be solved with the Raiden Network. I think its a good idea to invest in both platform so you win no matter which one wins out in the end. These two platform, along with NEO, will play a large part in the future technology of blockchain.

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