Coinbase announces support for ERC-20 standard, big win for Ethereum?

Coinbase(which owns GDAX) announced support for the ERC-20 standard recently. This is big news, especially for fans of Ethereum as all ERC-20 tokens run on the Ethereum Network. Obviously the potential of getting ERC-20 tokens listed on Coinbase/Gdax is huge and would drive up volumes by quite a lot for most coins. Coinbase opening the doors to further ERC-20 token integrations will help the prospects of any tokens that are distributed on the Ethereum Network and therefore will increase the traffic and volume of Ethereum itself. I see Ethereum increasing a lot in price during the second half of 2018 if more ERC-20 tokens get added to coinbase/gdax since some of the competing platforms like EOS will not quite be ready by then. This could cause congestion on the Ethereum network unless raiden is quickly integrated to relieve transaction volume problems. Overall, this is very good news for Ethereum fans and also good news for big ERC-20 tokens like TRON.

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