Why Ethereum might overtake Bitcoin in price in the future

Right now Ethereum(ETH) is about 1/17th of Bitcoin(BTC) price but in the future, I believe that Ethereum may overtake Bitcoin in price and become the #1 coin in terms of value.
As great as Bitcoin and Litecoin are, they are more stand-alone coins that are trying to become mediums of exchanges for everyday items. That is why Amazon and Starbucks integration would be huge for them if they were adopted. No one is building apps or releasing new tokens on top of Bitcoin or Litecoin’s platform.
Ethereum, however, is a broad network that people can build applications on and many new tokens are launched on the ERC-20 platform. Many of these coins use Ethereum as the buy-in token for their ICO and any transactions that takes place on the Ethereum blockchain requires Ether to do so. If any of these coins explodes in the future, it will increase the traffic on the network, increase the demand for Ethereum and will therefore drive up Ethereum’s price in the long run. Since many of my favorite tokens like TRON, NCash, COlx, and others are on the Ethereum network, I believe the demand for Ethers will eventually boom and perhaps even overtake Bitcoin in value. There is just too much stuff running on the Ethereum network that at least a few of them will really take off and take Ethereum along for the ride. Because so many Tokens use ETH as their platform, I feel like Ethereum will have to have a boom sooner or later.

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