Binance Moves to Malta, French Finance Minister Bullish on Bitcoin, European GDPR

Binance, after getting a warning from Japan, decided to move to the island of Malta instead of running head to head with the authorities. Malta has given some friendly regulations and terms towards Crypto in order to entice Binance to go there. Hopefully this is the end of Binance’s moving and they can get back to developing new features now included their DEX, that is scheduled to launch later this year.
The french finance minister has changed his mind on Cryptocurrencies and is now bullish on them and blockchain technology. He must have changed his mind after Bank of England’s Mark Carney said that Cryptocurrencies do not pose a risk to the world financial economy. France is now a leader in fintech and blockchain. He sees Bitcoin as only the tip of the iceberg in what he dubs “the blockchain revolution”
European GDPR is a framework of how companies should handle user data. It might be troublesome for blockchain due to blockchain’s “immutability” aspect of the technology. The GDPR framework says that if a user wants his data deleted from a company’s records, then he should be able to be permanently deleted. Since blockchain can’t be changed, it could be a problem for blockchain. However, in blockchains, only your wallet address is there with no other user information. This may cause trouble for exchanges if they wish to make money with user’s data but for blockchain itself, it shouldn’t be such a big issue since they are not built to store user data. Still, the fine could be quite large for smaller blockchain projects.

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