Alt Coin market is not strong, smart money not flowing into Bitcoin from altcoins

There was the rumor lately that “smart money” was leaving altcoins and flowing back into Bitcoin. This is simply not true. Over the last 3 months, it is true that Alt coins have suffered, many losing 85% of their value at their high. But at the same time, Bitcoin has lost over 60% of its own value. Its not that money is flowing out of Alt coins into bitcoin, its that money has been flowing out of cryptocurrencies in general since people realized they can’t get rich overnight with Crypto. However, it seems the bearish market is starting to near its end with Bitcoin wanting to climb higher anytime there isn’t any bad news. This means that Alt Coins too will soon climb much higher than they have previously climbed. Generally, when the market falls, Alt coins fall much faster than Bitcoin, but when the market rises, Alt coins also rise much faster than Bitcoin. If you look at coins like Nucleus Vision(Ncash) or TRON(TRX), you can clearly see this pattern of rising and falling. They will gain more than twice as fast as Bitcoin when the market rises and fall over twice as hard when the market is falling. Therefore, it may look like that Alt coins are flowing money back into Bitcoin in a bear market but in reality, all coins are suffering. If you also look at Bitcoin’s market dominance, it has actually dropped from more than 80% at the start of 2017 to the 40% now so the percent of the market that Bitcoin makes up is getting smaller and smaller. Just by actually looking at trends and data, you can clearly deduce that “smart money” or money overall is not flowing out of Alts into Bitcoin.

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