Odyssey (OCN) coin, is it a good investment?

Some of you have been asking me about Odyssey(OCN) coin because they just had a token sale and wondering if it is a good coin the invest in. I did some research about their team, roadmap, and whitepaper and concluded that it may be a decent long-term hold but if you are in for short term spikes or profits, other coins may be better. Despite having impressive investors and a good tech team, the whitepaper, especially the roadmap portion of it, seriously leaves me wanting. At this stage in crypto, when I see roadmap, I want to see specific dates on when a company of a token is going to be adopted and by who. I want to see which regions or countries the company or coin is going to deploy in because those are generators of revenue that could cause a coin’s value to skyrocket. Odyssey’s roadmap does not have those details and in fact, that section of the whitepaper just explains what Odssey is. Without those kind of details, I cannot classify it as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 coin and maybe not even Tier 3.
However, with an impressive advisory team and solid technology, it could be worth investing a little bit in it for future potential.

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