Cappacity(CAPP) and what it needs to do

One of my other favorite coins that I am following is Cappacity(CAPP) coin. They are in the 3d product and VR industry and they have a product that is out on the market that several small businesses are already using. Right now the use of their technology is mainly in 3d printing and displaying virtual environments and products like 3d displays of shopping items.
This is a solid sector of the market to be in since it is fairly new and can be very profitable in the future. Their coin was at around 40 cents in January but like other altcoins suffered greatly in the market sell-off falling to just 5.5 cents today. However, with a total supply of less than 500 million coins and a $18 billion Market cap, it has tons of room the grow. I believe the reason they fell off so hard is because they are only listed on IDEX and KuCoin and there was just not enough trade volume to sustain their price. Therefore I think the most important step for them right now is to get on a bigger exchange like Poloniex, Bittrex, or Binance. Once they get on a higher tier exchange, the volume will skyrocket as will the price of the coin. I am going to follow their social media accounts and their telegram closely to see if there are going to be announcements that they will get listed on Binance or one of the bigger exchanges and buy in immediately before that happens.

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