Why I favor Cryptos that are actual companies with products

Lately, I’ve been blogging about NCash and some other cryptos that I really like. I have decided to classify them into tiers. Tier I are coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum because there are actually places that accept them as payment with Bitpay and Litepay. Ethereum also has a lot of other tokens that are built on its network(any ERC20 Token). Also in tier one are coins like NCash and Cappacity because they actually have product that are already launched or in pilot stages being used in actual stores which puts them way ahead of most other cryptocurrencies that rely mostly on hype. Having an actual product that is being used is huge when I look at the potential of a cryptocurrency.
Next in line are the Tier 1.5 coins like Cardano and TRON. Cardano is put in 1.5 because I really like its regulatory layer that is built into the technology. Not a lot of coins have this and it will do well with regulators as they will be able to work with the coin to make sure the cryptocurrency is following guidelines. TRON is in this tier as well because it has TRON dogs which is some kind of use for the coin but it has no adoption yet outside of that. Its main net test launch has not happened yet and it will be a few months before it does happen, so I cannot put it in tier one with coins that have products that are being used or coins that have more adoption.
In tier two, we have coins like VINCHAIN or CarVertical which are in a great and profitable market, have Alpha stage products like APPs and hardware and are doing tests on those products. They also have a solid timeline of when they will roll out in certain markets. This is important because it gives you something to benchmark them against. These coins have high risk but also extremely high rewards if things go well. Coins like Telcoin may also fit into this category.
After that we have smaller coins like ECC which have a great platform of technology but are far from coming to adoption or use. Coins with a lot of potential but a lot of hazards as well. I have several of these coins and all I need is one of them to make it big but all of them are risks.

Most of what I consider the long-term coins at least has to fall into tier 3 for me to seriously look at. Coins that I day-trade don’t really have to be at least tier 3 because they are just short term buys and sells. I am trying to stock up on Ncash and perhaps CAPP as they are cheap coins in that Tier 1 category for me and these coins are rare. Capp has been falling a lot so it may be a cheap pickup for now and is something I am looking into. My opinion is about 50% of your crypto money should be in tier 1, maybe 35% in tier 2 and 15% in tier 3.

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