Why Monero and Verge investors should be worried

So today’s IMF regulatory announcement to regulate and crackdown on cryptocurrencies more hit the entire market but investors in privacy coins such as Monero and Verge should be especially worried because the aspects of the cryptos that governments want to regulate and basically ban are what coins like these two sell themselves on. If and when the regulators do audit these coins, coins like Monero and Verge will be singled out because of their feature to totally blackout any trace of where funds and sending to and receiving from and that makes these two currencies more prone than any other to be completely banned.
Government can tank the price of a coin pretty easily because the price of a coin is driven by the volume of the coin and that is easily to kill. Governments can realistically issue an ultimatum to an exchange saying “de-list this coin or we’ll shut you down” and its over for the coin because unless its Bitcoin or something, the coin will be de-listed and down will go its price on the open market. Decentralized exchanges may eventually overcome this but that is still quite a long ways from happening and I believe the regulatory measures will come first. So if you are all in on Monero or Verge, I suggest diversifying your portfolios with some coins that aren’t as likely to get hammered by the authorities.

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