Vinchain(VIN) ICO analysis and strategy

Vinchain(VIN) is a blockchain technology and coin targeting the used car market and has a test net and a Alpha Stage mobile app that can take data and run diagnostics on your car. It will also pay users to use the app and send data from their car while driving. This can help insurers adjust rates based on the user’s driving habits. The are poised to enter the North American Market in Q3 of this year and expand into Europe the next year.
This blockchain technology and coin is very similar to carVertical(which I reviewed a few days ago) and does pretty much the same things so it does have competition. However, I don’t believe these two companies will run into each other for at least another year as Vinchain is targeting North America and carVertical is launching in the Baltic States so I do believe there is room for two companies. I believe the biggest threat to Vinchain is a larger company like Carfax deciding to incorporate blockchain onto their already existing platform. Because they already have a large database and user base, they would have a large advantage over the startup like Vinchain.
The Vinchain technology is solid, the market is huge and profitable so there is a lot of potential in this company and token. The date to look out for is start of Q3 2018 as that is when they want to roll out to North America. If they can quickly get adopters and partners then the price of this token will skyrocket up so if you want to be in on this token, you need to be in by late summer at the latest. If you are looking to invest in a blockchain company that targets the Auto sector, you will have to choose between this company and carVeritcal and decide which team and vision you like better but both look promising.

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