Tron(TRX) predictions and trading strategies

TRON(TRX) has two major milestone events coming up, the test net launch(and coin burn) on the 31st of March and the Main Net launch on the 31st of May. Knowing these two dates, I have developed a strategy to try to maximize my trading profit in the next two months with regards to TRON. I think TRON will see a price increase as we go towards each of those two dates and you will want to be into TRON about a week before each of those dates. Since the up and down cycle of the overall market seems to last about 1.5 to 2 weeks, I plan to sell the TRON I have now in about 7-10(march 18th-20th most likely) days once the market recovers to about the $11,700 Bitcoin mark. I predict that it will probably drop again then to around the $9500 mark so I will re-buy into TRON then when Bitcoin drops back to $9500 so I can take advantage of the swing and increase the number of TRON I have. Hopefully the re-buy will occur around the 23-25th of March, 2018 and then as the upswing happens again, the extra anticipation of the Test Net Launch will bring prices even higher than the last peak.

I also plan to sell off sometime either right before or right after the test net launches depending on if I think the price of Bitcoin is high or low. I will sell off at the next peak price after the Main Net and Buy in about 2 weeks after at the low point before holding onto the coin again until May 31st. I won’t make any projections after May 1st because it will depend on how high the price of TRON is after that. But I think using these strategies based on the 2 dates that we know about TRON will allow me to Maximize my investment in TRON.

I do think this coin has huge potential in the future and the Main Net launch may be the Catalyst of it. Assuming no failed launches, I predict that TRON will have a bright future this year.

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