Amazon may adopt litecoin? Huge development?

There are rumors lately that Amazon may be adopting litecoin sometime this year for a payment system. Initally it was thought Ripple(XRP) was going to be the coin of choice but because of Litecoin’s recent upgrades and improvements, it now looks like a frontrunner. Many people think this may have been due to litepay but Amazon could easily bypass that step and middleman and let users directly import funds from their Litecoin wallets.
While this is a risky move for Amazon, it could also open up new areas of business for the online retail giant. This could also be huge for Litecoin, far bigger than the litepay announcement if Amazon actually commits to letting people spend their Litecoin on Amazon. We could see this as the true start of mainstream adoption for Cryptocurrencies and it could skyrocket Litecoin to several times the price it is currently. While I am daytrading TRON and other coins, I think I’m just going to hold onto Litecoin and hope it rises, which I know it eventually will. Unlike TRON, I don’t have exact days of when things are going to happen so it could happen at any time so do think holding is the best strategy for Litecoin right now.

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