Why real traders should love Sideway movements

So recently, trading volume has been way down in the world of Cryptocurrency because instead of skyrocketing movements like in last December, the market has been moving sideways. For the last month, it was bounced between a high of $11,600 or so and $9250 or so. Many people have lost interest because they can’t seem to just hold and make 200% in two days. Those people are not real traders and most of them will never make money in the market. Real traders love the constant swing of 20% over and over against between $9250 and $11600. That’s 20% in half a month without a huge amount of risk. Compounded almost 50% profits in a month. That is huge! How much interest does your bank give you?
It also takes less work to cash in on this swing. you basically just set your buys and sells and bank on a 20% difference. I missed the first cycle but fully caught on to the second one and am making good money.

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