100 DOGE challenge

This challenge is a great way to practice day trading with micro cryptocurrencies while risking very little or none of your own money. What you do is take 100 DOGE and transfer it to a small exchange like Coinex, Bleutrade, or Yobit(all on my sidebar) and then day trade that 100 doge by buying low and selling high and see how you do after a month, 2 months, 3 months, or a year. It is a great way to practice patience, which is necessary for success in day trading of Crypto Currencies. I am doing mine on Yobit because I use Coinex and bleutrade to daytrade with larger amounts and I do not want to get the 100 doge mixed with anything else. I recommend either of these two exchanges more than Yobit. You can either transfer 100 doge of your own money or get free DOGE and other Cryptos from the faucets on the sidebar.

Even if you do not trust small exchanges, its like 100 DOGE bro, so who cares?

I will post my progress with the 100 DOGE challenge. My start date was March 3, 2018. Currently my balance is:

151.9 DOGE